Backyard Chicken Roundup 12/23/2016 (news)


Is there interest in a regular Roundup of backyard chicken related news?  I’ll try this out for now and potentially keep it going indefinitely depending on interest.

Florida Times-Union; Florida (12/02/2016): Atlantic Beach takes first step towards backyard hen program.

Columbus Dispatch; Ohio (12/03/2016): Backyard chickens spur debate in central Ohio communities.

Fox 59; Indiana (12/06/2016): Anderson halts backyard chicken proposal after ’emotional’ debate arises.

Belmond Independent; Iowa (12/07/2016): City to consider backyard chickens.

Press-Enterprise; California (12/07/2016): Murrieta council approves new rules for backyard chickens.

ThisWeek; Ohio (12/08/2016): Gahanna Planning Commission: No backyard coops.

Bangor Daily News; Maine (12/12/2016): Backyard chickens: Healthy treats for the winter months.

Valley News; California (12/14/2016): Murrieta goes to the birds with approval of backyard chicken ordinance.

KyForward; Kentucky (12/15/2016): Stay Healthy: Avoid Salmonella by following these tips for handling Backyard Chickens.; Michigan (12/16/2016): Ypsilanti Township proposes loosening rules on backyard chickens.

Press-Enterprise; California (12/17/2016): Backyard chicken fans in Murrieta have something to cluck about.

Galesburg Register-Mail; Illinois (12/18/2016): Backyard chickens trending in town.

Cowichan Valley Citizen; BC Canada (12/19/2016): Backyard chickens approved for Cobble Hill Village.

Farm Forum; Minnesota (12/21/2016): Schoolyard chicken movement gets a boost from Purina.

Frederick News-Post; Maryland (12/23/2016):  Four Frederick backyard chicken permits approved; birds expected in spring.


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