Cobwebs in the Coop

We got our first chickens in May of 2014, and when winter finally came around, our coop was still looking very tidy.  In order to get it ready for winter, we only needed to remove the old bedding and add new bedding.  Last winter, 2015, we were busy planning for the arrival of our first child – so while the coop would have benefited from a deep clean, it just didn’t make our exclusive list.  With winter approaching yet again, this year we MUST do something about the massive amount of cobwebs in the coop!  Walking into the coop gives me flashbacks of that scary owl in The Secret of Nimh.  While they don’t seem to bother the chickens one bit, I am thoroughly embarrassed of them when company want to pay a visit to our hens.  I found this great blog post about dealing with coop cobwebs at the HenCam: A Thorough Coop Cleaning.  I hadn’t thought of taking a shop-vac to them, but that makes the most sense!  So, on my to-do list, to complete sometime before the New Year (weather permitting), I plan to A) remove any trash from “our side” of the coop; B) rid coop of all cobwebs with the shop-vac; C) remove old bedding; D) sweep out “our side” of the coop; E) wash windows; F) provide fresh bedding; and G) keep some hay on hand for snowy days!  Wish me luck!

(I’ll update this post later to include before pictures.)


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