Rory Gilmore’s Book List – NEW MATERIAL!


Rory Gilmore book clubs and reading challenges rejoice!  New material is coming NEXT WEEK!

A recent Instagram post from the Gilmore Girls (official) featured a sparse bookshelf, which is assumed to be Rory’s.  On it are five books she had read throughout the existing seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, a very sentimental box of cornstarch (Team Dean?), and a “Netflix” book – an obvious nod to the shows newfound home.  As an avid reader, a serious student, and an introvert, I always felt attached to Rory’s character.  I felt like I understood her, and was often inspired by her character to work harder and be kinder.  I was also eager to see what she would read next, and have made numerous personal book selections based off of what she was reading!  And so, I know Gilmore Girl fans and book lovers everywhere are not only anxiously waiting to see Rory as an adult, but are also ready to add to their Rory Gilmore bookshelf!

As the new season nears, I can’t be the only fan wondering what Rory will be reading in the new episodes?  And more importantly, how will her current life will shape her book selections?  Will she be a seasoned journalist interested in politics?  Will she be planning a wedding?  For herself or for her mother, Lorelei?  Will she be pregnant?  We all saw the Instagram post featuring the Gilmore staple, Pop Tarts and coffee, alongside a shiny red apple, something Lorelei craved when pregnant.  Will she be mourning the loss of her grandfather and turning to books for coping advice?  And will she have any time in busy adulthood to simply escape into a classic?

In the shows seven seasons past, Rory read 339 books!  There were 153 episodes in total, which means that Rory averaged over two books per episode!  Are you all as impressed as I am?  With four new episodes airing Black Friday on Netflix, I have decided to create a reading list for Rory based off of storyline speculations.  I have chosen a total of eight books (two per episode) that I think Rory may be seen reading in the new season.

one1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Adulting is hard, and busy, and messy.  As someone who likes to keep her life neatly organized, there is no doubt Rory will find useful tips in Marie Kondo’s bestselling book.

two2. What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Because she’ll need to eat more than apples if she is pregnant, and she’ll want to read exactly what is recommended, Rory will likely pick up this essential pregnancy book, currently in its fifth edition.

three3. The Girl on the Train: Booklovers devour bestsellers, especially when there is promise of a movie!  If Rory has any free time to read the latest “it” book, she’ll certainly pick up this British psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins.  Plus, if she is spending any time in London, she’ll enjoy the books setting.

four4. Go Set a Watchman: Anyone who read Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird found interest in the buzz around her posthumous novel featuring the same characters but grown up.  Who wouldn’t want to catch up with characters they fell in love with?  It is kind of like catching back up with the Gilmores seven years later…

five5. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: This nonfiction book by Rebecca Skloot makes reading about science the most enjoyable thing you can imagine – plus, Oprah backs it!  Surely, Rory will be picking this up to learn about ethical medical research with regards to race relations in America.

six6. When Things Fall Apart: Dealing with the death of her grandfather, Pema Chödrön’s book will offer Rory a chance to retreat to her room and take in some calm and soothing Buddhist wisdom.

7. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail: Author Cheryl Strayed can teach Rory a thing or two about finding yourself again after losing it all – after all, she hiked more than a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, by herself.  She ended her hike a stronger, braver, and healthier individual.  Though, Rory doesn’t seem like the type to drop everything and backpack (unless it’s across Europe!).

eight8. Persuasion: Last but not least – Persuasion. Rory has already read four of Jane Austen’s six novels, so it is time she tackle another.  Persuasion is a novel of misunderstandings in love and having a second chance later in life with the one that got away (Dean? Jess? Logan? Hmm…).  It is also Jane Austen’s final novel, making it fitting classic to be read during the final season of Gilmore Girls.

What books would you add to this list for Rory?  Leave them in the comments!


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