Autumn Update

I haven’t updated recently, and felt like I should check in with you all!  Fall is fast approaching and we no longer need air conditioning at night, or even during some days.  The cicadas have died out, but there are still some pretty great bug sounds at night when we throw our windows open.  I’m looking forward to wearing more layers and celebrating the upcoming holidays!

My last year of school started a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait to be able to call myself a librarian at the end of it!  It has been a LONG journey, and this semester is the trickiest yet with a 9 month old on-the-go and a full-time job.  I have to admit, I’m finding my schedule really tough, but am trying to remind myself that each week is one week less until winter break.  Three down and twelve to go…and then one final semester!

51kfwdiu5-l-_sx258_bo1204203200_Speaking of my son, he has a new favorite book: Edgar Gets Ready for Bed: A BabyLit Board Book.  If you’re familiar with BabyLit Board Books, then you’re aware that they’re themed after classic literature and you may have guessed that Edgar may be a reference to Edgar Allan Poe!  Most of these books focus on things like counting, or the alphabet, or emotions, but this one is about a rascally Raven that doesn’t want to go to bed.  I bought this because I felt like fall to me.  Atticus LOVES it.  He stares at it wide-eyed as I read it to him and once it’s done hits it repeatedly with his palms until I open and read it again.  With all that said, it has a HORRIBLE storyline!  My husband laughs at certain parts as I read it.  I like the idea, but it wasn’t executed well.  Whatever floats his boat I guess!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Our vegetable garden has suffered this year, and I am contemplating even having one next year.  Instead, I may fill the garden beds with wildflowers, and enjoy fresh cut bouquets on the kitchen table on a regular basis next year.  But also, I just read an article about how easy it is to plant garlic right now, and with minimal care, reap the rewards in the spring. So maybe one last go at gardening this year before a break!

We had planned on bringing a few more girls home last spring, but never got around to doing it.  I am looking into bringing a few adult hens into the flock in a month or so, but want to read up on it a little bit more as I haven’t, A) introduced new members in the fall, or B) introduce mature hens.  I’m terrified of the chance of a disease being introduced, but I also think my current three girls have good immunity.


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