Oh my snow!

I wrote this post 2 weeks ago when we got slammed with snow and forgot to post it – oops!


Adams County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas got hit with a major snow storm over the last two days.  I haven’t seen totals for my town yet, but as of 5:30pm last night we were at 29″ in less than 24 hours!  There was a new record set for the area for snow fall per hour – the old record was 1.10″ an hour and yesterday we had 2.49″ an hour!  My husband is currently outside shoveling and I am taking a break from homework to write this short blog post.  Once there is a good path shoveled, I plan on bundling up my baby boy and taking him out for a “first snow” picture!

In chicken news, I am sad to say that we have lost two this winter.  I’m not sure what they had, but I am terrified that it will wipe out the rest of my flock.  I have been providing the rest of the girls with fresh water with Sav-A-Chick electrolytes/vitamins and probiotics, and some extra protein feed in their food.  I went out and bought an additional chicken waterer so that each morning we can bring out one with fresh water and swap it out with the frozen one in the coop.  This saves us one less trip out to the coop each morning and/or afternoon when it is cold outside.  We are also dealing with our first chicken molt! The poor girl looks like she has lost 30-40% of her feathers.  We are also supplementing their feed with some Nutrena NatureWise Feather Fixer.  I hope my girls can get through this tough weather.  In the meantime, I’m going to treat them to some blueberries!


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