Frozen Snack Cake for Chickens


IMG_1066With temperatures reaching 100 degrees today, and because we’re keeping the chickens  in their coop and run for the next week due to a hawk attack, I felt it was time to make a snack to help them cool down. Before I feed my chickens any item for the first time, I always do a quick Google search to make sure I’m not feeding them something dangerous to them. I have given my chickens corn, raisins, and oats before, but had not given them edamame before – the internet says cooked edamame can be given liberally as a snack. I boiled the corn and edamame for 5 minutes, pulled the cobs out and cut off the kernels, and the strained the edamame. I mixed these with raisins and oats in a small cake pan and filled the remainder of the pan with water. Side note – you can use any size pan or dish for this treat, and any foods your chickens will enjoy. I placed this dish in the freezer and let it sit for about 5 hours – to my surprise it wasn’t frozen solid yet! I decided 3/4ths frozen was good enough and pulled it out to take to the chickens. They immediately started pecking at the “treats” inside of the ice cube and drinking the ice water that was puddling up! I plan to make this again in the future, leaving more time for freezing the cake, and mixing up the ingredients!DSCN1044





DSCN1053PS: Regarding the above mentioned hawk attack, my husband and I were home when it happened and ran outside in time to see the hawk fly off. Mary had a bloody comb and was shaken up, but is doing just fine! 


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