Flock of Six!

School, work, and life have been tough this year, but are finally easing up!  My husband and I got 4 10-week(ish) Barred Plymouth Rock pullets from Lancaster Fancy Fowl over a month ago.  We started them off indoors in the brooder for a couple of weeks and then moved them out the the coop to be near the big girls, but separated by chicken wire.  One of the little ones needed to stay indoors a bit longer due to what we suspected to be a broken leg; she had been walking on one foot and one elbow (?).  She’s still separated, but now in the coop, and I am looking into options for helping her.  She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and is eating, drinking, and pooping just fine!  The 3 other little ones are in with the big girls now and doing great, aside from the occasional peck from a big girl.  We let them all free range a little today and they all seemed to enjoy themselves!





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