How to Stock a Backyard Chicken First Aid Kit


When I brought my first chicks home last year I quickly realized that there were dozens of problems that could arise, and when they did (see my post about the coccidiosis outbreak last spring), I was left frantically searching the internet and scrambling to store after store trying to find what I needed to keep my chicks healthy.  While I am no expert on chicken illnesses or injuries, I have come up with a list of essential items to keep on hand when keeping backyard chickens.  I have decided to assemble a ready made Backyard Chicken First Aid Kit, which I will be selling on Etsy, for anyone who wants to be prepared to readily nurse their chickens back to health!  These would also make thoughtful and useful gifts for any chicken lovers you may know!

The following links offer great advice as to what to keep in a chicken first aid kit:

The Backyard Chicken First Aid Kit that I have assembled is specifically for the treatment of backyard chickens.  If features a classic, portable red or white metal first aid cabinet that can be wall-mounted inside of the coop for easy (yet stylish!) access.  Contents will help nurse chickens back to health when they’re injured or ill.


As of right now, the contents include:

I may change this list over time as I learn more about the needs to backyard chickens, but for right now, I feel much more comfortable to tackle whatever the girls may throw my way!  Does anyone else keep a special first aid kit for their flock?  What do you keep in it that you feel is crucial?


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