Chickens vs. Depression

Before I post pictures of the girls, I wanted to share this article that a friend shared with me a few days ago.  In England, there is a movement to curb depression and isolation by introducing chicken keeping to the elder community.  I think this is a heartwarming idea – I know how happy my chickens make me!  Anyway, it’s impossible to read this article and not smile.  I wonder how a similar program would give over in the States.  See the entire article here: Chickens helping the elderly tackle loneliness.

Photo by Jane Hilton, as published on

Photo by Jane Hilton, as published on “Chickens helping the elderly tackle loneliness” by Jessica Salter for The Telegraph. 31 Oct 2014.

It’s 37 degrees outside right now, and while I would like to be spending times with the chickens, it’s too cold for me! They don’t seem to mind the temperature at all – they’re out roaming the yard and snacking on cauliflower!  I took a bunch of pictures, but most of them came out very blurry.  The girls do NOT like the camera.





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