Long Overdue Update

I guess no news is good news!

Molly, Mary, and Trudy are all doing great and getting bigger every week! You may have noticed that I said Trudy instead of Rudy; since my husband decided that Rudy wasn’t a “girl” name, she is now Trudy! We still have not seen any eggs yet, but we have a feeling we’ll see some soon. The girls are now 20 weeks old and their combs are darkening and their wattles are lengthening. They have free roam of the entire yard on days that we’re home and make their rounds to every corner of the yard. They seem to have a good relationship with our dog, Milo; sometimes they’ll let him follow them and smell them and other times they’ll chase him in circles around the yard. They don’t run and hide from him like they do when they get startled, so I believe they are comfortable around him.

We got an update for Cleo, a.k.a. The General, a few days ago. He is doing great at the Frontier Culture Museum and is very friendly towards visitors. Here is a picture of him hanging with his hens and his turkey friend:


Hopefully my next update will be about all the eggs our hens are laying! *Fingers crossed!*


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