And then there were three…

Two weekends ago, my husband and I re-homed our two roosters, Cali and Cleo. We would have loved to keep them, but were worried that they’d be too aggressive and we didn’t want the crowing to bother our neighbor who is a nurse and works varying hours. We were very glad to both find them homes that wouldn’t eat them for dinner! Since my husband and I offered to deliver the roosters, we made a weekend trips out of it which included staying the night in Charlottesville, Virginia where we spent a day at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, which was beautiful!

Cali went to a private farm in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where he will be the only rooster and will free-range with nearly 30 hens! here he is with his new flock:

Cali in Shepherdstown, WV

Cleo went to the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia, where he’ll be hanging out with Dominique hens, turkeys, pigs, cats, and cows in the 1850’s American Farm exhibit! Apparently, Cleo’s new name is General “Fighting Dick” Clarke. Here are a few pictures I snapped while at the museum:

1700’s American Indian Hamlet exhibit

1820’s American Farm exhibit

1820’s American Farm exhibit

1820’s American Farm exhibit

1700’s Ireland exhibit

1700’s Ireland exhibit


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