Ladies & Gentlemen?

On July 4th, my husband was away doing a living history event at Monocacy National Battlefield for the 150th Anniversary, so I spent some time getting to know the girls. They are getting huge, and finally making use of the roosts in the coop. They have also found the nesting boxes, which I think I may need to block off for a little while; I have read that their sleeping in them should be discouraged. They seem to be obsessed with my nail polish, and are constantly trying to eat my nails. At first, it was just little pecks, but this last week they have been opening their beaks and attempting to swallow the tips of my fingers! In addition to my nail polish, they seem to really want my engagement ring, my freckles, and my tattoos.

It is hard taking pictures of these ladies; they are always moving around, especially when my camera is out! I was only to get focused pictures of Cali and Cleo (below). With that being said, I think these two “ladies” may be two gentlemen! Their combs are much more pink/red than the others, their feathers seem a little less darker than the others, and their legs are thicker and lighter. I am hoping (crossing my fingers) they will not crow loud enough to upset neighbors, and will not fight with each other or bully Milo, that way we can keep them. On a similar note, I am certain that Molly is a Barred Rock, which I do not mind at all. She has a cute little single-comb coming in. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on who/what these chicks are as they continue to grow!

Cleo Cali and Cleo Milo Coop/Shed


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