Want to know what my chickens and I have in common? WE LOVE SNACKS. Here are three foods in my fridge that my chickens enjoy as much as I do.

I have been giving the girls a little plain Greek yogurt almost every other day since 2 weeks old. At first, they would only eat it off my finger; they wanted nothing to do with a mysterious bowl/container in their brooder. The other day, I figured it was time to try the yogurt container again, and while they were skeptical at first, they eventually got over their hesitation and ate their yogurt. If you haven’t seen chickens eat yogurt before, there’s one thing you should know: it is MESSY! They get it stuck on their beak and then shake their heads wildly and yogurt splatters on everything within reach.


Here are the girls eating scrambled eggs! They ate the entire egg that I made for them (I left out the milk, salt, and pepper that I usually add to my own). Does it seem weird to anyone else that chickens would be interested in eating eggs? I guess this makes sense as they live off nutrients in the egg prior to hatching.


And finally, watermelon! At first they kept their distance, so I tore off little pieces of the red fruit and offered it to them, which they would take. Eventually, little Molly came running forward and started eating the fruit off the rind, and soon after all 5 girls were eating it. Every so often, one would pull off a big piece and run like wild trying to play “keep away” from the others. And despite having the rind in front of them, they usually all joined in on the chase!


For more information on what chickens like to snack on, and what healthy options, check out The Chicken Chick: Chicken Treats Guide: Don’t Love Your Pets to Death. 


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