We’ve named our chicks!

My husband and I have finally named all of our chicks! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, but I am slowly noticing differences in character and differences in their faces. The littlest one, who had been battling something for a couple of weeks and is finally growing and acting a little more energized, is Molly. Molly is named after the Unsinkable Molly Brown because we were certain she was on the brink of death but she hung in there. We gave her lots of vitamins, separated her each time she seemed too weak to stand and in danger of being trampled, and we kept her indoors under the heat lamp when the rest of the girls got to enjoy the coop for the day. Rudy is named after Rudolph because her beak is mostly black, much more than the others. Our biggest girl is Cleo, who is named after Cleopatra because she sits on top of the waterer and feeder and reigns over the others. The other two look pretty similar, and are similar in personality, too. We named these two Cali and Mary, short for California and Maryland, where my husband and I grew up. Mary has a little black on the left side of her beak, and Cali has hardly any. So that is our flock! We are hopeful they are all pullets (females). If there is a rooster in the flock, we hope he’s mild mannered so we can keep him around!

Me and Cali

Me and Cali


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