We Have Chicks!

After an unsuccessful search of 8+ week Dominique pullets, my husband and I decided that if we wanted Dominiques, we’d have to get young ones. I must have e-mailed dozens of internet contacts within a 3 hour radius, and finally found a farm in Northern Virginia that had some 10-day-old Dominique chicks left. My husband, my mother, and I made the 2.5 hour drive to Gardienne Wings Heritage and Exotic Fowl in Sumerduck, Virginia yesterday and picked up 7 little chickens! We are hopeful that they are all female, but they can’t be sexed with 100% accuracy at this age. From what I have read, female Dominiques have dark legs when they are first born that gradually fade over the first week. Additionally, the spots on the top of their head are smaller, more round, and are less likely to contain black specks when compared to males. The drive home seemed to be hard on them, but the next morning they seemed to have perked up after adequate rest, warmth, water, and food. Milo, our dog, seems very interested in them and keeps hanging his head over the side of our homemade brooder. We have let him watch them quite a bit and have held them up to his nose so he can smell them. I am hopeful that they will all become friends!

Mike and a friendly dog at Gardienne Wings heritage and Exotic Fowl farm.

Mike and a friendly dog at Gardienne Wings heritage and Exotic Fowl farm.


Our Dominiques are finally home and in the brooder!

Our Dominiques are finally home and in our homemade brooder!

More information on sexing Dominiques can be found here: at The Dominique Chicken.


3 thoughts on “We Have Chicks!

  1. You will love the Dominiques. We have one that is nine weeks old now, and she is a total lover. She likes to be held and snuggled. Sometimes she even comes when called! I also have a Black French Copper Marans (who hates to be held) and an Olive Egger (she’s indifferent). I’m hoping they will warm up to me as the get older. Best of luck with your new babies. The fun has just begun!

    • I have read such nice things about their demeanors I can’t wait for them to get a little older. I was looking at your Dominique and I can’t believe how big they get in just 9 weeks!

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