A Great Graduation Gift!

As a graduation gift from my husband, Michael, our shed was converted into a dual shed/chicken coop! Michael had some of his very handy and helpful friends come over a few weeks ago for a Saturday and they worked hard for an entire day to get everything finished up. I am pleased to share that everything looks great and I couldn’t be more happy or excited with how it turned out! The back half of the shed is caged off with a door and has nice linoleum floors, two nesting boxes, and two roosts. There was a small window near the ceiling (in addition to the two existing windows) added to help ammonia escape, and the top portion of the caged area has a large shelf for storage. There is a small (locking) chicken door with a ramp so the girls can go outside to their run and enjoy the fresh air while Mike and I are at work. The outdoor run has another door that we’ll open when we’re home so the girls can roam our yard. I think they’re going to love it!

Steve doing manly stuff on the saw Stacy laying tiles Sarah and Ev Outside the coop looking in Ev building the door Linoleum tiles on coop floor Michael working on a window Milo checking out the run Coop-in-progress

At some point, Mike is going to do a little write up about the plans, materials needed, and costs incurred during this conversion. So keep an eye out for it!


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